Condominium Questionnaire
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Total Building Area:
Year Built:
Total Number of Units:
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Do Building(s) have Sprinkler System?
Name of Responding Fire Department:
Carports/Garages to Value:
Number of Carports/Garages:
Carports/Garages Construction Type:
Is there a Clubhouse?
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Requested Total Building Limit:
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Requested Property Deductible:
General Liability Limit:
Directors and Officers Liability:
Umbrella Liability:
Are there any children's playgrounds on the premises? 
— If yes, describe: 
Are there any exercise facilities on the premises? 
— If yes, describe: 
Any swimming pools or spas on the premises? 
— If pool, number of pools: 
— If spa, number of spas: 
— If yes, are they completely fenced with self-closing and self-locking gate devices? 
— If yes, are there any water slides or diving boards on the premises? 
— If yes, is the water depth clearly marked on the exterior of the pools? 
Are there any saunas on the premises? 
— If yes, does it have "Panic Bars"? 
Involved in any litigation regarding the construction, maintenance or service of premises? 
Are there any construction defects known to you relative to the location being insured? 
Are there any occupancies other than habitational? 
— If yes, describe: 
— If yes, square footage: 
Are there smoke detectors in all living units, hallways, stairways, and common areas? 
— If yes, are they hard wired or battery operated? 
— If battery, do you change at least annually and keep a log? 
Are all premises fenced and is access restricted or controlled? 
Are there railings on any balconies or walkways on the premises? 
— If yes, are vertical slats built/located 6 inches OR LESS apart? 
— If yes, are there any horizontal slats on the premises? 
Are background checks required on all new employees? 
Is this location within 500 feet of any river, lake or ocean? 
— If yes, describe: 
Are there any lakes, streams, or ponds on the premises? 
— If yes, describe: 
Are there any "Wood Shake" roofs at this premises? 
— If yes, what percentage of the roof is "Wood Shake"? 
Are all enclosed stairwells equipped with self-closing doors & emergency lighting? 
Is there a resident or on-site manager on premises? 
Is the insured responsible for any public streets or roads? 
Any security services provided? 
— If yes, describe: 
Does this building have any pressure vessels? 
— If yes, describe pressure vessels: 
— If yes, what is the PSI? 
— If yes, what is the most recent certification date on the Vessel? 
Have arrangements been made for snow and ice removal from walks and parking area? 
— If yes, is it done by employees, or are others contracted to do the removal? 
Are there any outside steps up to second floor or higher floors or levels? 
— If yes, are the steps covered? 
Are tenants required to carry liability and/or property insurance on their condominium? 
Are fire extinguishers present on each floor of the building complex? 
— If yes, are they well marked, and have they been inspected & tagged in the past year? 
Is there any Aluminum Wiring or Asbestos in the building or complex? 
Are complaint and repair logs maintained for the building? 
Does a professional management firm manage the Association? 
Have there been any losses in the past 3 years? 
— If yes, describe: 


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